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Thank you so much for an amazing camp experience!!

Aaron had the time Of his life!!!!!

So happy we were able to have this amazing experience through all the covid craziness!! Thanks again so much 


Ruth G.

Thank you! Eddie came home so happy. He made so many new friends and had a great time!



Elizabeth B.



David had an amazing time. Thanks so much.

Yafit S.



Just wanted to thank you! Our boys had an AMAZING week!
Thanks for an unbelievable experience for them!Shabbat shalom!

Lorraine and Harold S.


Just wanted to thank you very much. Jacob had a wonderful time ! 


Thank you

Michelle E.


Thanks for a great experience!

Wishing you a healthy new year. 


See you next year,

Sharon E.


Hi just wanted to say ty for having Yosef these few days he really loved every minute.
You guys did a great job! He said mom Carol is the nicest person in the whole world!!!

Have a great year!

Marcy S.



Daniel L. had the best time 


Limor L.


Ty for an unbelievable week!
Sonny got home and his first word out of his mouth was :
I had such a fun week , I had the best time!
(Hi ma, was second!!!!!! )

Sarah and Chucky D.



Noa had a great time! Thank for a wonderful week away from all the craziness.


All the best

Sharona S.

Good morning.
Julia enjoyed the week very much. She came home very excited about coming in first place in the basketball finals.
It was an experience she will always remember.
Thank you for a fun filled and safe week.
Shabbat shalom

Rena A

Thank you for an amazing week! Scott had the best time!! 

Thank you, 

Rachel D

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